Pilot phase of the Fake News Project.EU

The FakeNews&Elders project is entering its pilot phase. The project partnership met last week to discuss the details of its individual phases.

The first will be a training course for trainers held in each partner country, during which they will be introduced to the idea of the project, the results produced so far, and the Fake News & Elders learning platform. They will have the opportunity to be the first in the country to test the methodological guide for working with seniors on improving their digital skills.

The next phase of the pilot phase is a training course for seniors, which will be conducted by trainers who participated in the previous phase. During the training, the trainers will introduce seniors to the meaning of fake news and instruct them on how they can recognize the phenomenon. The seniors will then be introduced to the educational platform and under the guidance of the trainers will receive practical exercises.

We will soon provide more details about the two events. So stay tuned and follow our profile!

More information about the project can be found on our website: