We invite organizations and individuals interested in the subject of our projects to cooperate with us.

The group of institutions with which we work for the development and promotion of international cooperation of local communities supporting education, professional activity and well-being of citizens is constantly growing. Thank you for your trust and inspiration to act.


Our domestic partners

Katedra Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
Wydział Ekonomiczno-Socjologiczny
Uniwersytet Łódzki

Research conducted at the Department of Labor and Social Policy is characterized by a comprehensive approach to work problems, taking into account all decision-making levels (entities), spatial, economic and socio-psychological aspects. The Department also has extensive experience in expert and consulting work for enterprises, both large and belonging to the SME sector. Four main directions can be identified within the extensive research:

  • Human resource management in the organization
  • Managing diversity, age, generations
  • Socio-economic systems conducive to inclusion and sustainable development: silver economy, sharing economy, green economy
  • Labor market
  • Collective labor relations
  • Social policy
  • Scientific communication

Konsorcjum edukacyjne COGITO

The consortium is a partnership between the Edyta Weigel training company and the Center for Excellence and Science Foundation. It is the realization of dreams regarding training, organization of conferences, promotion of science and its applications. It is a group of passionate people who want to share their coaching experience and vast knowledge in the field of social competences, soft skills, and methodology of educational activities.

Lokomotywa. Pociąg do języka, bądź Lokomotywa. Stacja Edukacja.

Both names used by the school carry our message that learning a foreign language is education through relationship and communication. They can change the world. At the same time, we develop all aspects of learning a foreign language, but we put special emphasis on mastering live communication. Our team consists of teachers who infect each other with enthusiasm and share ideas in every free moment. We treat teaching as a mission, we try to infect all students with love for the language, from the youngest two-year-olds, through teenagers, to their parents.


Rekoncept is an organization focused on introducing art and eco-education into everyday life of every human being. We organize art fairs in cooperation with Polish less- and zero-waste artists to show alternative forms of art and craft in opposition to commercialized products. We are constantly trying to develop, which is why the next step of the organization is the implementation of eco-workshops, activities aimed at encouraging people to lead a healthier and more ecological life.
We want to change the world!

Human Power

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts – psychologists, researchers, nutritionists, mindfulness & compassion teachers, personal trainers specializing in energy management of employees and leaders. We know how to effectively increase the effectiveness of people’s activities and strengthen their mental resilience, using their natural, biological potential. Our development programs and educational campaigns in the field of energy management, wellbeing and mental toughness are based on the latest global research results in the field of neurobiology, behavioral psychology, sports medicine and dietetics. Since 2014, we have been supporting organizations by sharing a proven approach to permanently changing habits.
We increase knowledge, awareness and induce changes at the level of specific behaviors. We make people want to take care of continuous improvement and their own level of energy to act.