Refashion for Good – Erasmus+ project partner meeting

Refashion for Good – an Erasmus+ project is one that our team have been looking forward to for a long time, so it comes as no surprise that they will do their best not to miss any of the partners’ meetings.Even if it has to be at the expense of an evening’s rest after training in another, equally attractive project, which took place last week in hot Nicosia.
Despite the holiday season, the partners met in full to discuss current activities.
We have already finished preparing the project’s first Newsletter, we are now working on the national versions and will soon share the results of our work with you.
So keep an eye on our profile, because it is coming soon!
During the meeting, we initiated work on the competency framework, which will be the basis for preparing a package of RfG lesson plans and workshops for secondary school students. As the project partnership has its heads full of ideas and wants to move on to the next stage of work as soon as possible, we agreed that the next meeting will not be held as usual next month, but already this Friday. In addition, the project website is almost ready, so we agreed that it would also be useful to agree on its final structure as soon as possible and make it available to all those interested in the project.
Project partners: NNY – Efterskolen for entreprenørskab & design- FRAME Stimmuli for social change Associació Animacción Arterapia @Erasmus+ Diapolitismiko Gymnasio Evosmou People Of 2050 CESIE