Adult education (wellbeing, languages, trainer skills)

WELLNESS2: A Step forward in Wellbeing in the field of Adult Education

In order to be motivated, the adult trainee has to be trained within a learning environment that will enable him/her to implement the training paths in a state of well-being (in many occasions the formal and non formal evaluation of the training courses for adults, have reported that adult trainees often feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed by the challenges of their professional and personal lives). On the other hand, the well-being of the adult trainee passes through the right teaching approach, the well-being of the trainers themselves and their skills to create a “well-being learning environment”. An important role, within this framework , is also played by the adult education institutions, that have the responsibility to provide the proper organisational aspects (in terms of physical structures for the implementation of the courses, and the provision of training material and administrative/bureaucratic organization).

This project is proposed in order to facilitate development and validation of “well-being learning environment” in adult staff and learners as we perceive well-being to be the foundation for effective teaching and learning and utilizing one’s potential.

In this framework, the creation of a “Protocol” containing the procedures, learning approaches, training tools and physical/logistic aspects of the learning environment, is to be considered as one of the milestone (and the one of the main outputs) of the project. The Protocol will be the basic document to follow to validate these environments, and certify them as “Well-being learning environments”.

This project will be beneficial for all organisations involved in the consortium as well as for their networks and stakeholders and end users to which the project outputs will be disseminated and easily accessible.

Target groups

Key target groups of the project:

  • adult education provider organisations;
  • adult learners;
  • policy makers in the field of education.


In order to address this goal, the project stipulates to deliver the following intellectual outputs:

Output 1: Map of Wellbeing in adult education
This map will be a document summing up the state of the art of the wellbeing in adult education, starting from the best practices in the couintries involved, the most common and the specific needs of learners and trainers, most common obstacles, habits and behaviour of the target groups .
The map will contain also a scheme listing the key features to define a wellbeing learning environment.

Output 2: Training Tools
The Training tools, addressed to adult education trainers, will follow two main roadmaps:

  • the first one concerns new or revised teaching methodologies/approaches, jointly designed by the project partners , tailored on the wellbeing needs of adult trainees and trainers; the methodologies will be firstly tested and piloted on a group of adult trainers;
  • the second one concerns the transfer of particular skills to the adult trainers, not only technical skills related to their professional sphere, but also soft skills, that are considered necessary to facilitate the creation of wellbeing-oriented adult learning environments.

Output 3: Protocol
The PROTOCOL will be a procedural document containing all the key aspects of a learning environment, able to validate it as “wellbeing learning environment”.

In what languages will the results be available?

All materials will be translated into the national languages of the project partner organizations (English, Estonian, Italian, Polish, Greek and Bulgarian).

All project outputs will be free for download for all interested users.

Multiplier Events

In each partner country, multiplier events disseminating the developed results will be organized to which we warmly invite you!

Project duration:

September 2019 – August 2021

Strategic Partnerships for adult education

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ENOROS Consulting Limited




Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywności Międzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej – FRAME


PRISM Impresa Sociale S.R.L.


European Center for Quality


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