Entrepreneurship / creativity / ecology

NEBULA – New European Bauhaus in Urban and ruraL Areas

Project objective

  • Discover and promote alternative models of urban and rural regeneration, leveraging on and inspired by the New European Bauhaus (WP2-3)
  • Promote young people’s sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship, creativity and technique, in order to teach entrepreneurship through non-formal approach (WP4)
  • Support youth creative potential, stimulate innovation and support their entrepreneurial training (WP3)
  • Promoting green business models around social and young entrepreneurship based on urban and rural regeneration (WP2)
  • Making up a multilateral and multidisciplinary approach more sustainable by connecting young entrepreneurs, urban and rural stakeholders and local NGOs (WP3)
  • Give the right tools to young people to be more proactive, energetic and bubbly in their community, to promote new local regenerating initiatives, to open a discussion table with change makers (WP2-3)
  • Create a network of social entrepreneurs and stakeholders to share best practises about the topic all around Europe (WP3)
  • Increase quality and recognition of youth innovative work in rural and urban areas to be regenerated (WP4)

Target groups

Kluczowe grupy docelowe projektu to:

  • Young people (18-25 years old)
  • Youth workers from Local NGOs active in the territory (youth, social, cultural, environmental, urban/rural associations etc.) and youth leaders
  • Cultural heritage actors (such as cultural associations and foundations, NGOs, social and cultural enterprises) and Organisations, mainly at local level, operating in the field of green-economy and sustainability
  • Public authorities/municipalities and other stakeholders active in the relevant project’s fields

Project results

  1. Higher awareness of the NEB philosophy
  2. Improved skills and engagement in society by young people
  3. Development of a replicable and sustainable training methodology
  4. Improved quality of life in the areas object of participants’ regeneration projects and employment opportunities
  5. Development of multi-disciplinary networks at local level that will facilitate in the long run the implementation of innovative regeneration projects

Added value

This project will impact at all levels (local, national, regional, European) and provides opportunities for communities to come together and push for an increased care for Social and cultural Entrepreneurship.


Planned activities

  • The NEBULA dos and Don’ts manual for young Entrepreneurs – providing young people with sources of inspiration and effective business models
  • The NEBULA Training Programme and sharing platform – through which young aspiring entrepreneurs will acquire all the basic skills they need to launch an entrepreneurial venture
  • NEBULA Workshop and Roundtable and “Pitch your NEBULA model” Contest – giving young people the opportunity to put into practice their idea

Project duration:

April 2023 – April 2025

More information:

Koordynator projektu




Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywności Międzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej – FRAME


PRISM Impresa Sociale S.R.L.




NGO “Non-formal education for youth”




Kontakt z opiekunem projektu

Marta Kędzia


Katarzyna Kasznicka


Edyta Weigel