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PRODIGY:Promoting Disability Inclusion in emergency response in the World of Work

Project objective

The general objective of the PRO.D.I.G.Y project that we would like to achieve is to promote the use and adoption of AR/VR solutions to assist disabled people, first responders and companies during workplace emergencies to increase the safety of people with disabilities. Acquired Emergency Preparedness Training would offer people and companies ways to prepare and be protected during unexpected workplace emergencies.

Specific Objectives:

  • Assist companies in assessing their level of disability inclusion in their emergency response plans
  • Develop a methodological framework to support target group in achieving disability inclusion in their emergency response plans
  • Provide companies with all necessary tools to promote disability inclusion in their emergency response plans and appropriately train employees with disabilities in emergencies situations
  • Equip individuals (company employees, disabled people, first responders) with necessary knowledge on disability inclusion and training in emergencies

Key Target Groups:

  • People with disabilities either as employees or as visitors of SMEs and organizations of all kinds;
  • SMEs, organizations of all kinds that want to: Strengthen their social profile and support the employees, visitors and customers with disabilities. Enhance their emergency response planning with state-of-the-art approaches. Digitalize their training for people with disabilities but also for their own emergency responders;
  • Involved personnel in Emergency Management in SMEs and organizations of all kinds. This includes: Health & Safety managers & staff; Security personnel; First Responders;
  • Vet providers;
  • Risk Management, Health & Safety and Emergency response Consultants;

Added value

The transnational nature of the PRO.D.I.G.Y project will ensure its promotion and adaptation in five European countries and allow for the exchange of practices and experiences from different business environments. As this is a European (if not global) problem that needs to be solved using the experience, good practices and knowledge of each partner, the project will create an innovative framework that takes into account the specificities of each participating EU country. In addition, the project will use the strengths and capabilities of each partner to solve common problems, generate and share knowledge and promote innovative solutions that can be transferred to other contexts and on a large scale.

Planned activities

All partner countries will be involved in:

  • development of project results
  • local promoting events.

Project duration:

December 2022 – November 2024

Więcej informacji:

Project coordinator

Społeczna Akademia Nauk


Project partners

Tournis Symvouleftiki EE


PRISM Impresa Sociale S.R.L.


Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywności Międzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej – FRAME


E.G. Eugene Global Ltd


Handy Club Ostrava Zapsany Spolek

The Czech Republic



Contact the project supervisor

Marta Kędzia


Katarzyna Kasznicka