Transnational partners’ meeting and teachers’ training in the IncludeArt project

🤔We began to seriously consider opening a branch of our Foundation in Palermo. 😃 Moments after the return of the team holding a meeting of partners within the framework of Refashion for Good – Erasmus+ project, another team checked in there, this time working within the framework of the IncludeArt project . We would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy visiting this charming city.😍

✅️This time, in addition to the partners’ meeting, there was also a training for secondary school teachers representing all partner countries.
ℹ️ The IncludeArt project’s activities address social inclusion covering issues related to religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity as the main causes of discrimination. The project aims to improve teachers’ skills in applying inclusive education through an innovative methodology based on the history of music and art, highlighting good examples of inclusion and success stories of well-known (and local) artists from disadvantaged groups. Teachers participating in the training learned how to set up an Internet radio station and received a set of information on radio broadcasting to enhance creative activities and promote students’ inclusion through creativity and art.

✅️ We would like to thank our partners Škola Pelican, RESET-Research and Education in Social Empowerment and Transformation, PRISM Impresa Sociale, SAFA-ICET, Radio ECCA La Palma and all the participants of the training for a great meeting and extremely inspiring experiences gained during the training. :)❤️
🔜 We are now looking forward to the next phase of our activities, which will be the creation of internet radio in our partner schools.😊