Refashion for Good – Erasmus+ project further project activities

Refashion for Good – Erasmus+ project is another project in the implementation of which we are supported by the K. K. Baczynski Secondary School in Radomsko. We are happy to have the opportunity to work with such strongly committed students and teachers

This time we are creating podcasts together, in which young people talk to local promoters of green and sustainable lifestyles about their activities.

You can find the first results of our work in the post below[0]=AZW-cFqBSO9CNyXL6XT1VRPl-tnOJg55GJDjkCmny1s6MAsq8acDFmAanK55oBT-gdvbG4ISnLAbU0_WHrhdKdJ2e2dlJ5SFeyDqLYGU7uWoJH4GDapOG8pSJIjcOftu00KwaIX0Z39qVNtpYG37Ka8YcjzD4NQdH4bLQAjtCK5IcmDcFFduwuua-J3eTTiyw78&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

And next month we see you at the training in Barcelona. We’re already looking forward to it!