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UNICULTURE: Development of innovative approach for training for university professors to work in the modern, diverse and intercultural environment

UniCulture project provided innovative support for university professors & assistants in the areas of working effectively in an intercultural & cross-cultural (ICC) environment.

Information brochure about the UNICULTURE project

Aim of the project:
The main aim of UniCulture project was to develop an innovative, holistic and interactive approach for training of university professors & teaching staff to conduct educational process in intercultural & cross-cultural (ICC) environment.

Target group:
University professors & assistants working  in a diverse and intercultural environment.

Project offer:
The project developed a comprehensive training pack to:

  • raise the awareness of professors & assistants about the need to adopt their teaching styles in line with the diversity of their university environment.
  • develop the competences of the university professors & assistant in intercultural and cross-cultural communication.
  • highlight the importance of adequate intercultural & cross-cultural communication as a mean for better social inclusion of diverse  cultural & vulnerable groups of students.

UNICULTURE Training Pack:

  • Handbook for teaching staff to develop their personal & professional competencies how to work in ICC environment as well as how to overcome the ethnical stereotypes & prejudices in the educational process. It will guide the professors thought the contemporary approaches, methods and tools in ethno-pedagogy, ethno-psychology & intercultural education.
  • Workbook for teaching staff with practical examples & case studies on how the presented methods & techniques can be applied in everyday life. It include also interactive tests & exercises to support the teachers in the learning process.
  • Manual for trainers to facilitate the conduction of UniCulture training course.
  • Guide on intercultural communication & social inclusion that provide the link between working in the environment & support the inclusion of vulnerable groups. It support the social inclusion process in the universities.

The resources were translated into Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Polish and Romanian. All project outputs are free for download for all interested users.nclusion process in the universities.

Added value:

UniCulture training pack was created to support the university professors & assistants` to further develop their social & intercultural competences.

  • It provided the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for recognition & application of interactive techniques for various forms of pedagogical interactions in ICC environment.
  • Moreover, UniCulture enhanced the access & active participation of students from vulnerable groups & minorities in the educational & social processes in universities. Thus, it fostered the social inclusion and enabled individuals to address their  discriminatory behaviour.

Planned activities

  • Seminars and conferences in all partner countries
  • Final International Conference in Brasov, Romania

Project duration:

November 2019 – December 2021

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More information:

Project coordinator

Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov


Project partners

Buckinghamshire New University

Great Britain

Sveucilste u Zagrebu


Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywności Międzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej – FRAME


Pax Rhodopica Foundationa


Contact the project supervisor

Adam Gogacz


Marta Kędzia