On Monday, we held a meeting on INNOVATION IN SERVICES IN THE CREATIVE SECTOR, which we organised in cooperation with the Surindustrialle café in Łódź as part of the ServiceDigiCulture project.

In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, we introduced the event participants to the ServiceDigiCulture project, which aimed to create a way to use modern tools to plan their own business or innovate an existing one. Participants learned how to plan, run and adapt their business in the sphere of creative and broadly cultural services.

An undoubted asset of the meeting and a great example of creative business was the very place where it was held – the unusual interiors of the Surindustrialle café remind us at least of the interiors of Hagrid’s hut from the Harry Potter adventure series. So it’s no surprise that it attracts the young and imaginative people we had the pleasure of spending time with yesterday. We hope that this was not our last meeting.