May meeting of PRODIGY project partners

📅 During the last online meeting, we discussed at length the current activities in the project.
All the time we remain on task and working intensively on the Interactive Training Package containing teaching materials and presentations and exercises on how to behave in an emergency situation in the workplace based on virtual reality. 📲
🔹 The partners have prepared the first draft of teaching materials for the training course. It will be evaluated in the coming days, and necessary additions will be made.
🔹 Work is underway not only on scenarios for exercises using virtual reality, but also on the games themselves! In the posted photos you can see the cut-outs created on the basis of our Foundation’s scenario! 🤩
🔹 We also discussed the digitization of the resulting materials and the expansion of the project platform.
What’s more, the partners will also compare the Methodological Framework for Emergency Workplace Preparation for People with Disabilities ♿ in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, created some time ago, with two other similar documents.
At the end of the meeting, we agreed on activities related to further dissemination of the project and set a date for an international conference to crown the project.
To keep up to date with the progress of the work, also follow the project website:

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