IncludeArt spotkanie Online

ℹThe IncludeArt project will provide an innovative digital tool, namely educational internet radio, along with a methodology to equip teachers with new artistic and digital skills. These tools are designed to better engage students at risk of exclusion and early school dropout

In order to develop tools that best meet the needs of teachers and students, focus group research will be conducted in each partner country. During these sessions, we will gather input from the project’s target participants, asking them about what the tools should include, how they should be structured, and how to effectively engage the entire school community in co-creating the aforementioned radio hub

👩‍💻In Poland, such a meeting took place yesterday. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all its participants for their excellent substantive suggestions, commitment, and willingness to continue working together. We are confident that, collectively, we will succeed in creating something that will function for a long time 🙂