Creative meeting on INNOVATION IN SERVICES IN THE CREATIVE SECTOR as part of the ServiceDigiCulture project on 12 June at Surindustrialle in Lodz!

Are you a creative person? Or do you feel like an artist? Are you looking for an idea for yourself? Or maybe you have one but don’t know how to sell it to others? On 12 June 2023 come to Surindustrialle in Lodz, we have a proposal for you! In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, we will introduce you to the ServiceDigiCulture project, which aims to create a way of using modern tools to plan your own business or innovate an existing one.

We will talk about how to plan, run and adapt your business in the sphere of creative and broadly cultural services.

At the meeting:

  • You will learn what Service Design and Service Innovation is all about
  • You will learn how to build your own business from scratch
  • You will find out that creating services for others is not difficult as long as you are a really creative person.
  • You will learn the tools you can use, the techniques you can use to help you create your own business.

Not only will we give you all this for free, we’ll also treat you to coffee, tea, water, juice, cake. It will be delicious! In every respect. The meeting will start on Monday, 12 June at 4pm and will last for two hours. Well, unless we get too chatty, as there will be a great opportunity to share ideas, concerns and ask questions of the experts. The meeting will be hosted by Dr Adam Gogacz, an expert in international projects.

Registration for the event can be made at the link below:


Places are limited, first come first served.

Enrolment is only open until 8 June 2023.