Monthly summary of activities in the Prodigy – Erasmus+ project.

Last Wednesday we met online as part of the monthly summary of activities in the Prodigy – Erasmus+ project.

This time we focused on tasks related to the work on the Interactive Training Package containing teaching materials and presentations, as well as exercises on how to behave in an emergency situation in the workplace based on virtual reality.

We proceed to intensive work on the course based on the prepared Syllabus.

Initial scenarios for exercises using virtual reality have been prepared, evaluated and will now be expanded. In the next step, real exercise-games will be created!

We also discussed the next steps in developing a self-assessment tool for companies. It will be linked to the information contained in the Training Package.

What’s more, the partners are finalizing the translation of the Methodological Framework for Emergency Workplace Preparation for People with Disabilities in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The documents will be available later this month!

To stay up to date on the progress of the work, also follow the project website