Monthly summary of activities in the project .

📅 On Monday 10.06 we met online as part of the
monthly summary of activities in the project .
We are invariably working on the Interactive Training Package, but not only:

🔹 The partners are making the necessary additions to the materials
didactic materials, and once they are approved, they will proceed with the creation of the
presentations for a training course on emergency preparedness emergency situations.

🔹 Intensive work continues on drills on behavior in an emergency
situation in the workplace using virtual reality. 📲

🔹 A project platform is also taking shape, which will ultimately
will include a self-assessment tool for companies, a Methodological Framework,
Toolkit, and a Training Package. It can be found at:

🔹 The partners compared the Methodological Framework that was created some time ago
for emergency workplace preparation for disabled people ♿ in small and medium-sized
enterprises with twoother similar documents. A summary report is being prepared.

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